Three Month Birthday!

August 26, 2005
Yesterday Lucas turned 3 months old!! He can hold his head up really well. When you talk to him, he will smile and talk back with little coo’s.
He also rolls onto his side a lot; usually when he spits out his pacifier, he will literally go diving after it in the direction he thinks it went!
His new fascination is TV. He likes colorful cartoons or shows with music. (I think he developed this love of TV from many evenings spent watching shows with Grandpa Marc!)


  1. Adorable picture!!! Happy Belated 3 month Birthday Lucas!

  2. I can’t believe he is 3 months old already!!! He looks really cute and from your comments he’s a fast developer. I hope I get to hold him soon.

  3. Great Grandma Sandy said
    Lucas is a doll and am so glad he has his own web site. Saw him in person today and he is so fat and doing so many cute things. Will check his site daily to see all the new things he is doing

  4. wow man ur life musty be complete
    thats what a baby does
    happy trails

  5. Nana says that this site is the bomb! What a cute baby and he looks like his mommy. I will visit it often for more up-dates of my little Lucas

  6. Happy three months Lucas. What a cutie and so happy. Keep us posted on new developments.

  7. Great pictures! Look forward to seeing more.

  8. This post has been removed by the author.

  9. so so so cute! Cant wait to see more pictures!–>

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