Scrub A Dub Dub, Lucas In The Tub!

August 29, 2005

Lucas took his first bubble bath with Aunt Alena. He loved kicking his feet in the water! He’s a slippery little booger, though!



  1. Bath with your aunt… hmmm, that will be a funny picture to show them 10 years from now 🙂 Super cute though!!!

  2. Bath with your Aunt???? Only in Kentucky can you get by with that. Evansville is close enough!

  3. Cute pictures! Keep them coming. I took his Daddy out on his birthday and he refused to have his first legal drink

  4. We need new photos daily pleas…..I look forward to seeing Lucas this (oh, and his parents) this weekend.

  5. hey, i put up pictures when i can. i have lots of other things to get done first, you know! 😉

  6. to all of lucas’s fans: sorry, but i probably wont get any new pictures up till friday night. there’s some cute ones coming tho…

  7. Sarah,
    We know you are busy as a mom and a student. Just do what you can. We look forward to more pictures when you have the time.

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