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February 26, 2007

Go to the link above. Lucas is baby number 510. You can search for his number on the lower left hand side of the screen. each vote costs 25 cents. The money goes to Newspapers In Education.

What is Newspapers In Education?
The mission of Newspaper In Education and College Readership at the Journal and Courier is to prepare today’s students to become tomorrow’s literate leaders. This goal is accomplished by teaching educators how to use newspapers as a learning resource, and providing students with daily newspapers to hone academic, real-world and character skills. We support teachers’ efforts and honor each patron’s generosity, as we work to create informed citizens who understand the impact of local, national and international events on their lives.

Newspaper in Education is a program that embraces:

the newspaper industry
participating school systems
generous corporate, business, organizational, and individual sponsors
This partnership allows educators to use newspapers as real-time textbooks to teach:

Language Arts, Math and Science
Character Education, Citizenship and Current Events
Life Skills, Literacy, and Critical Thinking
Through newspaper use in the classroom, students become informed citizens who are aware of local interests, national issues, and international events. Student news-readers develop lifelong habits that serve them long after they leave the classroom to become tomorrow’s consumers and workforce.

The Value Of Your Support

Through our NIE program, teachers are able to order classroom subscriptions of the Journal and Courier at a reduced rate. Because of budgetary concerns, many teachers request financial help from patrons who will offset the cost of school-year newspaper accounts.

This is where YOU make the difference as a valuable member of this cooperative venture! One hundred percent of your tax deductible donation supplies Greater Lafayette’s teachers and students with classroom newspapers. Any amount is graciously accepted, greatly appreciated, and contributes to a lifetime of literacy!

What is College Readership?

College Readership is a program that continues the mission of NIE, by offering daily newspapers to college students who developed news-reading habits during their days in grades K-12.


My Bad

February 19, 2007

Voting for the baby contest starts on Feb 26th, not Feb 19th!


Sledding wipe-out!!

February 15, 2007

Sledding with Daddy

February 15, 2007


February 14, 2007

Chris digging us outfeb14-006.jpgfeb14-012.jpgfeb14-035.jpgfeb14-033.jpg

feb14-027.jpgLucas all bundled up and ready to go play in the snow!

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February 10, 2007

After a late night of partying with his buddy Thomas, Lucas conked out at lunch today! He stayed asleep even while I was cleaning all the food off his face 😉


  • Online voting for the baby contest starts Feb 19th, so check back soon and I will have the link posted 🙂

February 7, 2007

bath.jpgThis is the picture we picked for the contest because it was the best head shot and he’s smiling really cute 🙂

Lucas went to the Dr. today because he’s had a cold for a week and a half, and he seems to be getting worse. Gunk keeps coming out of his eyes and he started coughing a lot. So the Dr. gave him some eye drops and cough medicine. Poor guy! 😦