Which One For The Photo Contest?

February 1, 2007

Our newspaper is having a Cutest Baby of The Year Contest. Help us decide which picture of Lucas to enter. If you have any other picture to suggest, let me know 🙂

1. sled3.jpg

2. tree2.jpg

3. hood.jpg

4. 1462.jpg

5. paint.jpg

6. bath.jpg



  1. I vote for picture #2. They all are so cute it was hard to pick one.

  2. I like # 2 or #4

  3. I vote for #4, so does Miss Maggie. 😉

  4. I also like #2 or #4

  5. Well I like #3 it shows his beautiful blue sparkley eyes and his precious smile

  6. I like 2, or you could use one of the Colts one that you sent me today.

  7. I like # 1 or #4 best. Good Luck in choosing, they are all great! :0)

  8. I like #4!

  9. i like #2 and 6 and one of the colts aww heck just send them all tell them we can’t deside

  10. I like 2 or 6 his eyes are so big and blue in #6

  11. I think 3 or 6.

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